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We are a company specialized in the black truffle Tuber melanosporum. Our goal is to bring to the customer all the sensations that the truffle carries with it, to be able to transmit through it the nature, the aroma of the countryside and why not, also a little piece of ourselves.


The truffle is a product of the countryside, of the land and nature that is still harvested as in the old days thanks to our dogs trained for this task and who enjoy it as much as we do. Maintaining this traditional harvesting we have been incorporating the demands that today’s world imposes on us, taking into account sustainable development and the environment throughout the process of production and sale of the truffle.


The truffle is considered the black diamond of the kitchen for its intense and complex aroma, which opens endless possibilities for the stoves of the best chefs and now, it can also be at your fingertips. On our website it is possible to purchase or give just one truffle as a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this select fungus in your home.


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