The black truffle is a crop that needs water during its growth; although it is true that not large reserves, it is enough to develop if rain is scarce.” It was 2016, and since then, the Black Truffle Growers and Harvesters Association of Teruel were already demanding a change in criteria when establishing water concessions, as rainfall was becoming scarcer, thus hindering the growth of black truffles in the region.

Nearly 8 years later, the situation has only worsened, and black truffle producers remain concerned. The public water allocations granted do not cover the sector’s needs. Water for black truffles and their growth is essential.

In a black truffle plantation, water is key for the mycelium to develop from the mycorrhiza and establish a healthy start. In addition to irrigation, it is important for the soil to receive natural rainfall, especially during spring, and to go through dry periods as well. It is worth noting that truffles need an appropriate balance of water in the soil, as excess can be harmful and have negative effects.

However, with high temperatures and no precipitation, water becomes very necessary for black truffles. This is especially true during the months of May and June, which are the key period for their development. Truffles need this moisture as it helps them absorb nutrients from the soil as well as for their overall metabolism. Thus, climatic conditions have become a factor on which truffle cultivation will depend in the near future. Perhaps, that is why it is important to urge institutions to contribute. This way, they can establish mechanisms to care for emerging crops, such as black truffles. This ensures water for the growth of truffles in different regions of Spain, such as Soria, Teruel, or Castellón, remains competitive against the rest of Europe.

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