Graus Market, located in the province of Huesca, Aragon, is a key hub for buyers and sellers of black truffle in Spain. Established in 1947, it served as the starting point for transactions involving this prized product, becoming the inaugural national black truffle market that drew people from various regions. Today, it continues to play this role. In fact, the current prices at this black truffle market provide an insight into the season’s prospects. In 2023, as reported by Heraldo newspaper, the season kicked off with public sale prices ranging from 600 to 700 euros per kilogram, slightly below the previous year’s figures for the same period (800).

The history of the inception of black truffle trading is intriguing. It began on Monday afternoons at the Bar Lleida in the town. This location was not coincidental; it was the point where roads from the Ésera and Isábena valleys converged, ensuring the buying and selling of black truffle among the most interested people in the region. However, the process was quite opaque and unfamiliar to those not participating in the ceremony, perhaps still maintaining an air of mystery.

Black truffles were rarely visible. Around 6 a.m., over a hundred buyers and sellers from Spain and France gathered. Hours were spent discussing everything except truffles. So much so that by the end of the market, the price of truffles that night remained unknown. Some people might stay even into the early hours of Tuesday. It was all quite secretive. Weighing was done with a scale, and payment was made. The merchandise was kept in cars, and the less experienced were unable to inspect it.

Currently, the price of black truffle is typically determined every Saturday afternoon, coinciding with the harvesting season from early December to mid-March. However, Graus continues to host its market on Mondays. Since 2008, the Association of Truffle Harvesters and Growers of Aragon has organized a new market on Saturdays to offer truffles directly to the small consumer.

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