While technology has brought positive value during the black truffle harvesting process, many truffle growers still rely on more traditional techniques. Not only because of the cultural legacy they represent but also due to a more environmentally respectful approach. This is the case of Igual Escriche, where not only is the harvesting done in an almost artisanal way, but also the washing and selling process of the black truffle Tuber Melanosporum.

For centuries, black truffle harvesting has been carried out almost manually. Growers, armed with family experience passed down through generations, used traditional methods involving trained dogs. These dogs, specially trained to detect the distinctive aroma of ripe truffles, would meticulously explore the forests, searching among the roots of trees where truffles grow symbiotically with certain tree species. They would dig where their canine companions marked to extract them. In cases like this company located in Barracas, this is still the reality today.

With the advancement of technology, black truffle harvesting has undergone a radical transformation. The introduction of tools such as drones, equipped with infrared cameras and heat sensors, has allowed growers to efficiently scan extensive forest areas. This has helped identify places where truffles are more likely to grow. Furthermore, the use of three-dimensional mapping devices has improved precision in locating underground fungi, thus reducing the time and effort required for their collection.

In this way, digital technology has begun to play an increasingly important role in current truffle cultivation, aiming to achieve greater efficiency in harvesting and opening up new possibilities for the future of truffle farming. Perhaps, the immediate future will involve the incorporation of certain techniques more related to digital than traditional methods, or perhaps not. What is certain is that the feedback from both methods – traditional and technological – can offer a balance that proposes improvements for both worlds, thereby ensuring sustainable and high-quality harvesting.

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