Our well-known black truffle, or Tuber Melanosporum, is also featured in the kitchen of chef Jordi Cruz, who last year successfully retained his three Michelin stars at the ABaC restaurant in Barcelona. This weekend, we escaped to the Catalan city to delve into the culinary world of one of the most televised chefs and firsthand verify if, as some culinary experts suggest, this fungus is the true black gold of gastronomy. All signs point to the fact that Jordi Cruz was well aware of this, and that’s why black truffle also made its appearance in his dishes.

 Indeed, Jordi Cruz’s kitchen is familiar with the potent aroma and flavor of black truffle, and he didn’t hesitate to add the final touch to some of his dishes with this ingredient. The best example is one that was part of the second section of the tasting menu: a mushroom velouté with a beef tartare accompanied by thin slices of bread. To conclude the dish, he indeed included black truffle so that, combined with the raw meat, the flavor combination in the mouth was perfect. In this way, the three Michelin-starred chef continued with his legacy in his kitchen: storytelling where the common thread is seasonal products, and nothing is more seasonal than black truffle, Tuber Melanosporum.

Additionally, in another of his dishes, he also incorporated truffle: in his ‘Maccaroni ai calamari.’ These supposed calamari were actually the squid’s own meat and water, arranged on a cylindrical surface to resemble macaroni. The texture in the mouth gave them away, along with their flavor. And how did Jordi Cruz present them? With a supposed carbonara featuring egg, cheese, bacon, black pepper, and white truffle, but in this case, of considerably lower quality and virtually odorless.

Indeed, we had a great time, and once again, we could confirm that black truffle is a star ingredient in the kitchen of the Catalan chef. In this instance, three Michelin stars.

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