One of the most famous stories about the aphrodisiac power of truffles starring one of the greatest conquerors in history.

The desire to beget a child and the power of the truffle

Today we bring you an anecdote about the aphrodisiac qualities of this wonderful fungus known in the truffle world. Napoleon Bonaparte was conversing with one of his officers, General Joaquin Murat, when the latter confessed to him that the great number of brothers he had was due to the power hidden in the truffle. The Emperor, who was in control of almost all of Western and Central Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, was interested in this matter and asked his general to give him more information. Murat told him how his land was famous for the quality of the truffles found there; and how his father had the custom of ordering a turkey stuffed with truffles and marinated with the best champagne when he wanted to increase his offspring. And so, a month after such a delicacy, the general’s mother always became pregnant. Napoleon was speechless, eager to father a son, he had just married Marie Louise of Austria at that time. When he regained his speech, they say, the first thing he did was to ask his general how many brothers and sisters he had, to which he replied “Nineteen, sire”. Amazed, he exclaimed “Nineteen stuffed turkeys!”, took good note and ordered the best turkeys and truffles to be brought from his marshal’s region at whatever price was necessary to pay. In less than a year, Marie-Louise gave birth to Napoleon II. Although he did not reign, he went down in history with the title he received at birth: King of Rome.

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