According to experts, King Ramses II was a truffle aficionado. Is it true?

King ramses II

The Greek historian Herodotus is also known as the first traveler who documented his experiences according to Martin Trappe. He traveled to Egypt for a few months around 400 BC and wrote down everything he heard there. He asked many questions to the Egyptian people he met, and among all of them, an Egyptian historian told him about the use of truffles and a well-known Egyptian pharaoh.

This historian wrote about the use that King Ramses II gave them. The Egyptian pharaoh was known for his taste for truffles and used to include them in his royal banquets. In one of the pyramids that the pharaoh had built, there are frescoes that show, according to expert opinion, cooking utensils that were accompanied by what could be interpreted as truffles. But since they have not been able to examine the spores they will never know for sure!

If you want to know more about ancient uses of truffles, we recommend you to read our section History of the truffle.

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